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12 Month - Houdini - Digital Destruction - Environmental FX - Crowds - Fluids


12 Month - NukeX/Silhouette/Mari - Multi-Channel CG Compositing - Roto/Paint - Set Extension - Advanced Compositing Techniques


Encouraging a Sense of Camaraderie


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Transition into a fulltime fulfilling career in the Visual Effects Industry.
Our graduates enjoy an unprecedented 98% placement rate.

The Visual Effects Industry is experiencing rapid growth creating exciting career opportunities for young creative professionals. Entrance requires a unique training path to effectively master this craft. Our constantly adapting curriculum and progressive teaching techniques have proven themselves to be the most effective path to this career. YOU CAN have a financially viable career that provides both creative outlet and unique problem solving challenges.

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What Makes us the Pre-eminent School of Visual Effects?

Industry Leaders

Immersed into the craft of Visual Effects and passionate about sharing our knowledge.

Intensive & Focused

Streamlined to what is relevant. From the first day of class you will begin your journey into the Craft of Visual Effects.

Progressive & Adaptable

Alternative and practical with our teaching methods. We embrace project based learning and Industry mentor-ship. We never stop adapting our Curriculum to reflect the constant technological advancements.

Industry Connected

The only school in Vancouver with a two month Practicum where you will be placed inside local studios to apply your craft and gain unique workflow knowledge and further strengthen your industry connections.

Trusted & Respected

Our reputation opens doors and builds connections. Through our networks, the VFX Industry will take an active role in your career development.

A Studio Environment

Creatively inspiring and reflecting your future workplace. We are the studio that teaches.

Our Growing List of Amazing Studios Employing Lost Boys

BUF AtomicFiction Soho Rodeo Dreamworks FuseFX TWR ILP Encore
WesternX Artifex Vitality MPC ILM Hydraulx CINESITE Embassy CVD
COSA Psyop Sony Zoic PrimeFocus Weta Logan Double Negative SideStreetPost
Stargate RH GoldTooth DD Method Scanline Framestore Image Engine Atmosphere

Industry Testimonials

What the VFX Industry is saying about us.

  • Lost Boys is a great source for new talent. They have a true understanding of what the industry is looking for in resources. Their practicum program is one of the best ways to seek out rising stars.
    Roula Lainas | Producer, Talent and Brand
  • It's totally inspirational to see you and your team in action, alongside the students and the quality of work they are producing. You have a knack for developing artistic judgement in your students which is what distinguishes them professionally and helps them make contributions to the industry. After touring the classroom and viewing the student work it was hard to believe that they had only been working with Houdini from one month to less than a year-- the quality of their work is technically excellent while remaining uniquely expressive. It's very rare to come across a program where the level of all the students' work is of a Senior quality.
    Julie Lottering, Education & Training Manager, Side Effects Software
  • Every year, we’re always keen on seeing who graduates from Lost Boys. Because of their smaller class sizes and rigorous selection process, graduates from Lost Boys tend to be of higher calibre. They have a reputation for not only producing quality graduates, but those who are passionate about the industry and have a firmer understanding of the work environment, so they are professional and hard-working right out of the gate. We’ve hired several graduates in the past, along with alumni already working in the industry, and we’re seeing success with their practicum program as well.
    Alan Chuck | VFX Recruiter
  • I appreciate a school who teaches the student, like you guys do at Lost Boys, to be production ready with some production “sense.” I find a majority of schools don’t know how to accomplish this. I have been consistently impressed with your grads. Good work!
    Doug Campbell | VFX Supervisor
  • The work being produced by Lost Boys under the guidance of Mark Bénard is top notch. This is some of the best Visual Effects that I’ve seen coming out of a school in a long time.
    Tina Ouellette | Executive Producer
  • Lost Boys provides exactly the kind of curriculum the VFX industry needs; project-based studies that incorporate all aspects of today’s digital pipeline. The students are extremely fortunate to have in Mark Bénard a real, experienced VFX supervisor at the helm of the program, and we know that graduates from Lost Boys will be able to hit the ground running.
    Adam Stern | VFX Supervisor
  • Having worked for Mark Bénard at Lost Boys Studios, I was interested to see how he would impart his vast vfx wisdom at his school of visual effects. After seeing the program in action and meeting the students, I can see why their grads are snapped up so quickly — they are truly given the training they need to hit the ground running in production.
    Eric Petey | CG Supervisor
  • I’m impressed to hear about the real-world compositing; visual effects problems being posed to the students at Lost Boys. We’ve seen very few curriculum’s, in the US or Canada, which offer students a chance to be challenged by such realistic production problems. We’re eager to work with the new the budding stars that are heading toward graduation.
    Rob Taylor | Creative Director
  • It’s good to see a real production artist teaching the things that should be taught.
    Aruna Inversin | Senior Compositor
  • Anyone who’s lucky enough to get training like this would truly have an edge on the competition.
    Trevor Adams | VFX Technical Director/Supervisor
  • I recently had the privilege of giving a short lecture to the Lost Boys students, I also reviewed their demo reels which are very impressive. The class size is small and production based, the equipment is high end. The problems are real world and the instruction is from a proven professional in Mark Bénard, supplemented by industry speakers. The focus seems to be on getting each student production ready, and the demo reels reflected this.
    Scott Dewis | Creative Director
  • Mark Bénard and I have worked together many times over the past 15 years, so when an opportunity came to speak to the students at Lost Boys I was there. The school’s in a great location, the students were very tight and co operative, and seemed like a social group. I think my talk at Lost Boys was the longest I ever did, the student’s asked intelligent questions so I was happy to spend the entire day with them. They understood all of the basic and most advanced concepts and had great artistic flare in their work, by far one of the best groups I’ve spoken to.
    John Gadjecki | VFX Supervisor