COVID-19 and Lost Boys' Response

By following BC’s safety protocols and the regulations in place by the federal government of Canada in Phase 3, we have implemented a COVID-19 Readiness Plan that ensures the safety of our students and staff on campus grounds. Since September 2020, we have been able to maintain a safe environment that allows full in-person lectures. The following link leads you to BC’s Phase 3 protocols. Lost Boys is following the guidance of the provincial and federal government. Due to the announcement made on August 23rd by BC Provincial government, masks will be mandatory indoors until further notice. For more details, visit our Information for Students page. 

Countries around the world, including Canada, are working together to return to normalcy by following recommended procedures. You can find useful information for Lost Boys faculty, staff and students down below. It is updated regularly, following the advice of provincial and federal health agencies of Canada.

We are excited to welcome our new students this fall and upcoming spring semester for both Vancouver and Montreal campuses. We continue to uphold a clear focus on ensuring high-quality specialized training for prospective VFX artists while maintaining our absolute priority of the wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff. 

UPDATE: All classes are now in session on campus. 

Updated: November 29th, 2021

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