Andrew Zeller


"The best part of my job is witnessing students develop their skills to a level that allows them to reach their career goals."

Movies were a large of part of my childhood. I fell in love with filmmaking and visual effects after watching behind the scenes documentaries for the original Star Wars trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, and the Matrix films. During my high school and university years, I wrote, directed, and edited 10 short films and 3 feature films. I also created 17 commercials for a design studio. Worrying about my job prospects for working on films, my parents and friends encouraged me to become a teacher after graduating from university. While I enjoyed teaching, I couldn’t abandon my dream of working in the film industry and kept searching for opportunities.

After several years of working as an English Teacher in Seoul and Vancouver, I joined the Advanced Visual Effects Compositing program as a student at Lost Boys in 2015. It was a fantastic experience, where I made many lifelong friends, learned so much, and grew tremendously as an artist. After a practicum at Hydraulx VFX, I was one of the first artists hired by Vitality Visual Effects. In addition to paint, roto, and compositing work on 11 Hollywood film and television projects, I wrote instructions for the studio’s staff handbook, explaining how to use the software provided in-house.

In 2017, I made the decision to return to Lost Boys and my love of teaching. I work with the other Lead Compositing Instructors at Lost Boys to develop curriculum, mentor students, and ensure the compositing and roto paint skills of our graduates meet industry standards. The VFX software that I have experience teaching includes Nuke, Mocha, SilhouetteFX, and Neat Video. I like to make my lessons practical, personalized to each class, and fun (improv comedy gets mixed into my lessons). The best part of my job is witnessing students develop their skills to a level that allows them to reach their career goals.

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Student Testimonials

Andrew is a very talented instructor and artist. He always trying to create a good environment for the students by being kind and generous, besides having a lot of patience to not only teach but to take the time to be able to repeat all the times what was not understood and help you solve problems in different ways, which is admirable.
Rodrigo Sapag Novoa
Prep Artist | Rodeo VFX
With his previous experiences at Vitality, his excellent compositing and digital makeup skills help us excel in those areas as students. He never shies away from sharing his tricks for compositing and element integration. At the same time, he believes in errors and trials; instead of giving us the answer right away, he always gives us room to explore and experiment.
Kate Lin
Compositor | Pixomondo
His extreme dedication and resourcefulness made him a really good teacher. One of the things I would like to stand out is that he was very approachable in his way of teaching and he never hesitated every time we needed answers for both technical or artistic questions. He truly enjoys doing his lessons and I am glad to had the chance to be one of his students.
Basilisa Canovas
Digital Artist | Industrial Light & Magic
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