francois gendron

Lead lighting instructor

"In life, there is no straight path we have to follow."

With a passion for both art and science, I started doing a Masters in Biology. Over the duration of my journey only focusing on science, I found a yearning for creativity that I could not get over. After seeing a commercial for a Visual Effects school, I decided to quit and pursue my artistic passion—and thank goodness I did. 

My career spans over 22 years starting out with modeling and texturing for video games. Thankfully, I got the opportunity to explore more cinematic pursuits and jumped at the chance finding a passion for lighting. Since then, I have worked at studios such as L’Atelier Animation and on blockbuster movies like Avatar, The Hobbit and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. 

Throughout my career, I have traveled the world following contracts and, as a result, have taken on elements of everything from modeling to compositing. Now, I have added another string to my bow and become a teacher at Lost Boys, creating the first lighting program to teach Katana. 

I alternate between teaching and working as a lighter, staying connected to the industry’s latest innovations to keep my lighting course as close to the industry-standard as possible. It is a great privilege for me to share my knowledge of the visual effects industry and am always excited to see the growth I find in my students.

over 22 years experience in the visual effects industry


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