The twelve month Advanced Visual Effects Compositing Diploma at Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects is an accelerated and highly specialized program preparing the students for the trade of Compositor for television and feature film quality visual effects productions.

In a studio environment, students complete a project-based curriculum modeled after real-world examples. The program is designed to build an extensive portfolio demonstrating both entry level and advanced compositing skill sets. In the final two months of the program, students will have the unique opportunity to partake in a Practicum and are placed into one of the many world class visual effects studios found within Vancouver’s growing industry.

As the leading source of Compositing talent our alumni currently enjoy a 100% placement into professional visual effects careers.
NUKE Training: Certified by The Foundry

NUKE Training: Certified by The Foundry

We are proud to be one of the first schools to be certified under The Foundry's Certified Nuke Trainer Program.

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Alumni Testimonials

What our Composting Alumni have to say about us

  • "Lost Boys gave me all the tools and the knowledge to start my career in the VFX industry. I will always be grateful for their dedication and all the love they put into this program."
    Juan Carlos Huerta
  • "Choosing Lost Boys was absolutely the best choice I've made for starting my career in the VFX industry.

    More than the vast knowledge Ganz and Mark have in this field, they (and Ria) really care about each and every student, and make their best efforts to help students after graduation with job placement. Moving to the other side of the world is definitely a risk and may seem crazy to most people, but Lost Boys makes you feel at home from the first step you take into the school."
    Shira Malamud
  • "I did not have any background in Visual Effects nor any idea on how to use Nuke software when I started. What brought me to Lost Boys was a poor experience at VFS. The good thing that came out of that is that I now knew what it was that I was looking for and I found all of those things at Lost Boys.

    From the first time I spoke to them, to the tour, to the classes and graduation and now being an alumnus everything that they said they were and did was exactly that and beyond.

    Getting into Lost Boys is easy ONLY if you are a passionate and hardworking person who is exited to be in this industry. Simply having cash will not get you in like it does with other schools. They care about their students and want to make sure that everyone there really wants it and will work hard together.

    Going to Lost Boys: They offered a small class and when I started it was exactly that, this benefited us and our teacher; we all got the attention and help that we needed and were able to really get to know each other and work together. Our class had people with a high skill set and people like me who were brand new, with a wide age range and people from all around the globe.

    Every project that we did we built together from scratch: Mark behind the camera, Ria doing her magic with special effects makeup and creative wardrobing to us students acting for our shots. You really get that hands on experience and knowledge of the entire process. A lot of lectures also get recorded (audio & video) so we can go back and follow step by step while working. We had a lot of lab time but when we needed help from Ganz he always made the time even if it meant staying after hours.

    Also the studio is awesome: its a fun environment and very much like the studios you'd work at. It is crazy how much we learned in 10 months. But it is a specialized program so you focus on that one thing instead of an intro to a million different things like some other schools.

    Graduating and getting work: All of us got a practicum and jobs before graduation; half of our class couldn't be at the graduation because they moved to Montreal for work because Lost Boys has connections everywhere and working anywhere in the world isn't far out of reach with their help.

    I myself got a job a month into my practicum (it is usually 2 months) at the studio that I originally wanted to go to and have worked there for 10 months.

    I really can't give them enough credit; they aren't just the best VFX school in my eyes, they are also a family. I am very happy and grateful to be a part of it.

    If you're thinking about joining this crazy fun world of VFX I highly recommend this school; give them a call and go visit and you'll see for yourself."
    Christina Nakhvat
  • "Lost Boys Studios is a real hidden gem of a school. I loved every minute that I spent there and had one of the best experiences of my life studying with them. The lecturer and owners are all extremely talented people that really know how to pass on their knowledge effectively and patiently.

    I've studied at a lot of schools over the years, trying to expand my knowledge and Lost Boys was by far the best. I really loved and appreciated the simple things like how much effort, time, and money they put back into the school.

    There is a real sense of pride amongst the staff as well as the students. If you are looking to take your career further while having one of the best experiences of your life doing it, then this is the right place to be."
    Nicholas Mackay
  • "I would, without any hesitation, say the Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects, Compositing Program is the best and only compositing program, which is currently located in the hot spot of Visual Effect industry - Vancouver, Canada!

    I can't think of any other program that is better than Lost Boys in terms of its portfolio-oriented curriculum and highly successful job placement. I highly recommend Lost Boys for people who are looking for a program to pursue their career as a compositor."
    Jina Yoon
  • "Having the opportunity to study at Lost Boys Studios was the best professional choice I’ve made in my life. Great school, professional, excellent instructors, really good structure, amazing and a very focused program. Everything I needed I could get at Lost Boys.

    It was such a real experience, projects were based on VFX works from studios around the world, technical lectures, latest techniques, and really good career advice. At the end of the program all my classmates and I had a really good demo reel. Lost Boys is a VFX School which really cares about its students. They make sure that they're successful in their VFX career. I had such a great time and made huge improvement. Even before I finished the program I got a job in one of the world class VFX studios. And what a surprise I had when I was selected and awarded by The Rookies for an Internship! It is a very important VFX award. I had my demo reel reviewed by the best VFX artists in the world! I really feel prepared and confident to take any professional challenge in my career thanks to the support from Lost Boys Studios - School of Visual Effects."
    Diego Rebello
  • "If you looking for a focused and thorough program that makes you 100% ready to start your career as a compositors in the industry, Lost Boys is your answer.

    You are welcome to reach me and ask any question regarding my experience and impression from Lost Boys."
    Andrey Lutsker
  • "Lost Boys is different than other schools. They make sure every single student has a strong demo reel by the end of the program that will almost guarantee them a job in the industry. Studying at Lost Boys was for me an excellent experience and a great choice.

    After just under two years in the industry I can confidently say that studying at Lost Boys was the best decision I could have made when I came to Canada. My experience at Lost Boys couldn't have been better. I was hired right out of school and I made a lot of friends who are now working in the industry too. The environment at the school and the staff made my time there truly enjoyable. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to specialize in compositing."
    Erik T. Jensen
  • “I can confidently say that choosing to apply to Lost Boys was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. They have brilliant instructors, passionate students, and an astonishing environment.

    Not only that, they have a well thought-out program too, including a practicum will definitely help you to start in this industry, and a project called "Invisible Effects", which is fun to work on and will make your demo reel look unique, plus group work to collaborate with the FX TD class. I had a 3D background before entering the school, so I was worried that I might end up listening to lessons about things I already knew. But soon, I figured out that was just an imaginary fear. The instructors accept challenges and encourage you to do so. While in school, I was able to push my limit as far as I wanted. I was surprised that they could let me do that while also taking care of other inexperienced students. I believe this was possible because of the small size of the class and staff there all really cared about each of us. By spending time at Lost Boys, I gained not only experience using Nuke but also many irreplaceable connections. It was truly a joy to be part of this school.”
    Moroko Ogawa