Ganz Ramalingam | Advanced Visual Effects Compositing Program Lead


Ganz "the Great" as he is affectionately called by his students. He has over many years experience in multimedia and has now been an instructor, imparting his knowledge at Lost Boys since 2011.

Ganz was one of the early graduates of the Lost Boys program and therefore has a great understanding of what knowledge the students need to grasp.

Ganz Ramalingam is the lead compositing instructor at lost boys. He works with VFX Director Mark Bénard and Senior Educational Administrator Ria Bénard at Lost Boys to continually evolve the program to ensure students are best equipped to transition into the industry.

The compositing program curriculum, currently called Comp 4.0, is the fourth incarnation of Ganz’ ongoing endeavor to deliver the most comprehensive and relevant compositing program in the world.

Graduates of this program have gone on to work on more than 150 Hollywood blockbusters.


Prior to Lost Boys Ganz's experience ranges from visual effects, compositing, creative consultancy, web design, database management, multimedia development, web programming, programming and 3D Asset Creation.

Many of these skills were gained during his work in Singapore. From 2001 he worked for many small local companies and as well as major brands like Epson, BMW, Sony, Singtel, DSTA, Alcatel-Lucent.

In 2004, He become self employed. Since then, his experience with clients and agencies has given him the opportunity to work on Games, web Portals and architectural visualizations.

Ganz has also taught and developed curriculum for both Maxon Cinema 4D and Autodesk Maya at Temasek and Singapore Polytechnic respectively.

NUKE Trainer: Certified by The Foundry

NUKE Trainer: Certified by The Foundry

One of the first to sign up for The Foundry's Certified Nuke Trainer Program when it first was offered in spring 2011, Ganz Ramalingam continues his self development with a discipline and rigor unparalleled in the education scene.
Carlos Guzman
3D Artist
Ganz is an excellent instructor. He is a very talented visual effects artist with years of experience teaching and creating an amazing VFX stuff. He is very professional and dedicated. I want to thank him and of course I highly recommend him.
Tim Liu
Roto / Paint Artist
Ganz was an amazing instructor at Lost Boys. With the other Lost Boys' staff, they made my learning experience fun and exciting. He was the person to go to for any kind of questions and he would always provide a detailed answer. With such dedication and passion to VFX, he is definitely one of the best instructors I've ever had in my life.
Tananuch Phosri
Ganz is an excellent instructor. He has a lot of experience in VFX. He is hardworking and alway update new knowledge to share with his students. He stays late in the studio with the students when we have questions or we need him for help. So in my recommend study with Ganz is alway be the best choice.