Andrew Lowell | Effects Technical Director Program Lead


Andrew is the lead instructor for our Effects Technical Director (FX TD) Program. Keeping with the tradition of project based learning, he has designed a one of a kind Curriculum to train tomorrows Effects Technical Directors. As well as spending time mentoring and instructing students, Andrew works closely with our Industry partners to keep his program relevant and world class.

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His career in the media arts started in music recording/mixing and also branched into video editing, compositing, and 3D FX; Eventually breaking into the Visual Effects industry in Los Angeles. Since then his career has spanned several countries, and major studios such as Rhythm and Hues, CIS Vancouver, Animal Logic, and Digital Domain.

As opposed to specializing in certain Effects, Andrew’s professional growth in the field was fuelled by keeping his skill set diverse. He is always exploring new areas and techniques spanning from hero destruction, to crowds, magical effects, a wide assortment of environmental effects, custom set-ups for the weirdest shots in movies, as well as fluid/Pyro simulation, always taking on the most challenging shots of the productions he was involved in.


Many professionals shy away from training, and many teachers don’t actively engage themselves in production. For Andrew, these two areas complement one another.

His career in education started by teaching generalist courses in Los Angeles, and soon after became one of the first Autodesk certified trainers. Once he discovered Sidefx’s Houdini software, he released a book on Houdini’s Music and Motion capabilities, and began to do lectures to processionals at the Sidefx office. Since then Andrew has taught Houdini internationally, such as training studios in Mumbai, teaching instructors in Guadalajara, Houdini instruction in Denmark, and Masterclasses in LA, Sydney, and Vancouver. He has also performed two online Houdini courses for FXPHD.

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  • "Working in production is great for up to date on current techniques, taking your work to the highest possible level, and specializing in certain areas. What I enjoy most about education is that I’m always discovering new techniques, and I enjoy having a class of eager minds who can ask a much more diverse range of questions. For this reason I feel like I learn just as much from teaching as the students do."