Robert Mastriano

fx td instructor | MONTREAL

My first exposure to visual effects came when I was nine years old. After watching “The Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King” and being blown away by the huge battle sequences, I got a hold of a copy of MASSIVE, a crowd tool that was developed to create the battle sequences in the movie. Of course, nine year old me didn’t make much progress towards making my own big battle scenes, but the experience left me with an appreciation and sparked an interest in the inner workings of my favorite movies. 

In 2016 I pursued a New Media Arts degree hoping to explore more avenues that would eventually allow me to enter the VFX industry. Post- grad I went looking for more Houdini related learning resources. I discovered Lost Boys Studios and was immediately impressed by their students’ results and their teaching methods.  

Being a student at Lost Boys Studios was an amazing experience for me. It opened a world of possibilities and furthered my understanding of VFX beyond my wildest dreams.

After graduating in 2018, I was given the opportunity to work with Lost Boys Studios as an assistant instructor allowing me to contribute to the curriculum that I had benefited so much from.

Since then, I have worked as an assistant instructor at both Lost Boys Vancouver and currently, Lost Boys Montreal (Campus D’Effets Visuels) where I continue to learn more about Houdini while passing my knowledge to others.     

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