Moroko OgawaGrad. June 2014

Moroko Ogawa
Grad. June 2014


Working as a 3D Generalist in Japan, Moroko joined Lost Boys to follow her dreams to work in the Visual Effects Industry. Upon graduating, Moroko began her career as a Roto/Paint Artist at Hydraulx.

Production Credits

  • “I can confidently say that choosing to apply to Lost Boys was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. They have brilliant instructors, passionate students, and an astonishing environment. Not only that, they have a well thought-out program too, including a practicum will definitely help you to start in this industry, and a project called "Invisible Effects", which is fun to work on and will make your demo reel look unique, plus group work to collaborate with the FX TD class.

    I had a 3D background before entering the school, so I was worried that I might end up listening to lessons about things I already knew. But soon, I figured out that was just an imaginary fear. The instructors accept challenges and encourage you to do so. While in school, I was able to push my limit as far as I wanted. I was surprised that they could let me do that while also taking care of other inexperienced students. I believe this was possible because of the small size of the class and staff there all really cared about each of us.

    By spending time at Lost Boys, I gained not only experience using Nuke but also many irreplaceable connections. It was truly a joy to be part of this school.”