The four month Lighting Technical Director Certificate at Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects is an accelerated and highly specialized program preparing the students for the trade of Lighting for animation, television and feature film quality visual effects productions.

In a studio environment, students complete a project-based curriculum modeled after real-world examples. The program is designed to build a portfolio demonstrating both animated and photo real lighting skill.

In collaboration with Greg Berridge of Sony Pictures Imageworks and taught by lighting veteran Francois Gendron this program will provide a entry into some of the most sought after studios in the industry.



We are proud to be one of the first schools to be offering an intensive full-time Lighting program using the Foundry's KATANA.

Katana Showreel - 2016

Supported by The Foundry

Jordan Thistlewood | Senior Product Manager - Look Development & Lighting

  • Foundry has seen a rapid growth in the demand for trained Katana artists over the last 18 months as more studios deploy Katana.  

    Schedules are getting shorter, projects are getting more complex, quality demands are as high as ever and budgets are shrinking.  Smart pipelines tools that leverage artist and TD talent through automation and efficient workflow like Katana are the solution to those challenges.  

    We are thrilled that Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects is developing a Katana based Lighting TD program in consultation with major vfx and animation studios.  We have high hopes for what this program will offer both the students and the companies that hire them.