Costs of Living

Students may use the following examples as a guideline to estimate their costs of living during the school year. Our table provides some average monthly expenses and is intended to help you project your cost of living in Vancouver. Some meal and entertainment are listed per item.

*When considering the cost of education it is important to consider cost of living. If your program runs for 1-4 years you have to consider the additional cost of living and the loss of potential income during that time. It all adds up!

*Please note: costs of living will depend on the activities in which you choose to participate.

Accommodation Average per month $800-1,200
Homestay Accommodations (rental) per month $500-900
Medical insurance per month $75
Average meals per month $350-500
Transportation – Transit Pass (depends on zones) $92-170
Per Movie $10-15
Gym Membership (per month) $40-60
Dinner out for one per meal $12-20
Sandwich/Rice/Sushi/Noodle Dish/Pizza per meal $5-12



The two sites most used to find rentals are Craigslist and PadMapper. Any location close to a SkyTrain (or any other public transit) or Gastown would be ideal.

Craiglist - Vancouver
24/7 Apartments
Apartment Guide
My Ideal Home
Places 4 Rent
Rents Line

There are also homestay. The homestay Program provides students and travelers with an opportunity to stay with a Canadian family and learn about the Canadian culture. You will have 3 meals per day, a private room and many chances to practice your English through conversation with family members. If you are interested please register at one of the links below. There is a placement fee.

Central Vancouver Homestay
Canadian Homestay Agency
Quality Homestay
IV Homestay
Vancouver Homestay Agency

Some of the local hotels also offer monthly rates for fully furnished rooms. We can't guarantee that the following accommodation will suit every student, but these places are generally inexpensive and suitable for a short stay.

YWCA 733 Beatty Street Telephone: 604-895-5830

Hostelling International Vancouver 1114 Burnaby Street (downtown) Telephone: (604) 684-4565

UBC Conference Centre Student Union Blvd. Telephone: (604) 822-1010

These are services that charge you a small fee to find you housing.

Vancouver Accommodations Guide

Bell Accommodations

Commercial - Broadway Station

Commercial - Broadway Station

TRANSIT  Transportation

Vancouver has a very extensive transit system from SkyTrains to buses and the SeaBus. The transit system makes it easy to get to where you need to go.

BC Transit

Car Share Rental (per min, hour or day)

Vancouver now has a very cool and easy car rental service called Car2go.

The future of urban mobility begins literally on every corner with car2go – where one of several car2go vehicles is waiting for you around the clock.

When you're done, simply park the car back within the operating area and the car2go service team takes care of the rest. Refueling, cleaning, roadside assistance, GPS navigation, insurance, parking and many other services are all included in the affordable rental price. car2go is just what it sounds like a car-to-go.

There is a public transit system that come within a few blocks of our school. A car would be fun for exploring the area and weekend day trips, but you can certainly get around by walking, taking the bus or even riding a bicycle. If you do have a vehicle and need to park there is limited free parking around the school, so the key is to arrive very early.