harrison molling

fx td instructor | VANCOUVER

"Arming students with an arsenal of knowledge and tools and witnessing them go on to create incredible shots in feature films makes me truly grateful to be a part of their journey into the world of visual effects."

I have had quite an unconventional journey in the realm of Visual Effects. I have always known I would fall into this industry ever since I saw Gorillaz music videos at the age of 12 and decided I was going to be an “animator”.
After graduating in 2014 from AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment) in Sydney, I knew I would end up in Vancouver as that was heralded as the “mecca’ of Visual Effects and so I figured that’s where I would one day hone my craft. This imbued in me a sense of adventure and set me on a 3 year journey travelling around the world, practicing my photography and working odd jobs here and there. I worked as a freelancer in the advertising market for companies like Hyundai and the Rugby League World Cup and then in 2016 I found a full time job working as a 3ds Max Architectural Illustrator.
One of the benefits of having a generalist background in this industry is the ability to seamlessly blend between softwares and workflows as it helps to develop a flexible and robust skill-set in this rapidly evolving industry. All of my diffused and scattered experience over the years ultimately led me to discovering the world of Houdini and once I saw the limitless possibilities of procedural workflows and dynamic simulations I immediately knew I wanted to build my career around this fascinating tool.
After years of dreaming about it, I finally landed in Vancouver in early 2018 and moved into a quaint little cottage in east van. At the end of my street there was a VFX school called “Lost Boys Studios” and after seeing a job posting for a TA position – it sparked a curious fire in me that has since become my passion for teaching. Since discovering Houdini and the family here at Lost Boys, I feel for the first time in my adult life that I have found where I am meant to be. I am so grateful to be working with Lost Boys and hope to continue to hone my Houdini and Teaching skills in the years to come.

Teaching students how to create the perfect demo reel

Architectual Illustrations with 3DS Max

Student Testimonials

When I was at Lost Boys, it was Harrison who made sure that morale was up and that the students who arrived from all over the world come together as a team to make awesome FXs. Harrison is a very creative person with amazing technical skills. His ideas and imagination is contagious and made all of us better artists. He’s the reason why many of us looked forward to running into technical problems everyday. He taught so many people the art of problem-solving and the sacrifice of helping others to get better together.
Lennart Breede
FX TD | Method Studios
Harrison's positivity and enthusiasm were infectious since the first day. He was a supportive mentor and friend to every student in the classroom, making everyone feel welcome and involved. He creates an upbeat classroom environment where learning new topics does not feel like work at all, and I felt encouraged to discuss and collaborate. Harrison is a boundless source of information and insight - I highly recommend the opportunity to work with him!
Tania Papandrea
FX TD | Rocket VFX
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