ganz ramalingam

Lead Compositing instructor | Vancouver

"There is no hiding in photo-realism, if it does not look photo-real then it isn't real. All we have done over the last 10 years is to teach students how to perform this magic trick without getting caught."

I work with VFX Director Mark Bénard and Senior Educational Administrator Ria Bénard at Lost Boys to continually evolve the program to ensure students are best equipped to transition into the industry. 

My students have gone on to work as Compositors, Roto Artist, RotoPaint Artist, BG Prep Artists, Lighters, Matte Painters, and as Stereo Compositors on over 250 Hollywood movies and 50 TV shows.  

Prior to Lost Boys, my experienced range from visual effects, compositing, creative consultancy, web design, database management, multimedia development, web programming, programming and 3D Asset Creation. Many of these skills were gained during my work in Singapore. In 2001, I worked for many small local companies as well as major brands like Epson, BMW, Sony, Singtel, DSTA, and Alcatel-Lucent.

In 2004, I became self-employed which allowed me to have the experience to work closely with clients and agencies. Through this experience, I have been able to work on games, web portals and architectural visualizations in a competitive market.

I have also taught and developed curriculum for both Maxon Cinema 4D and Autodesk Maya at Temasek and Singapore Polytechnic respectively.


Ganz prepares the most industry ready graduates with an unrivaled 99% job placement rate.​

NUKE Trainer: Certified by The Foundry

Being one of the first to sign up for The Foundry’s Certified Nuke Trainer Program when it was first offered in spring 2011, Ganz Ramalingam continues his self development with a discipline and rigor unparalleled in the educational scene.

producing students who have worked on over 250 movies and 50 TV shows

Students of Ganz have gone on to work in the biggest movies and TV series in the world of entertainment.

Student Testimonials

Ganz is hands down the most hard working instuctors I've had. He goes out of his way to help his students and seems to always have the answers to your problems, wether it's VFX related or general life advice. He's there for his students day and night, even after they graduate.
Katrin Inga Frantz
Compositor | Scanline VFX
I have never had such a reliable instructor in my life. If you are in school, the most important thing people care about is whether if you can land a job or not. I can assure you if you start taking his lessons, that sort of feeling vanishes in a very short time. He is always reverse-engineering the industry’s needs and structuring the lectures up-to-date in order to nourish the students to be ready to work professionally right after school.
Kosuke Iwasaki
Junior Digital Paint Artist | Industrial Light & Magic
His knowledge of Nuke and visual effects seems virtually limitless. He is deeply passionate about his students success, and is in general a really great person to be around. I learned so much from him through the year that it would be ridiculous trying to list it all out here. If you are looking to learn visual effects compositing, I would highly recommend Ganz as your teacher!
David Koss
Junior Compositor | Embassy

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