The past few versions of this project involved stabbing a zombie but this time through we decided to try a more fantasy spin with two adventuring Dwarves dispatching a Goblin guard. This is the third of three albums with it's focus being on the filming process. Lighting was designed to give us pools of light surrounded by ample dungeon like darkness. Candle light, simulated torch light, and atmospheric fog gave us a dynamic feel and created depth. Our camera move was simplified by utilizing our Edelkrone motion control slider. This gave us the ability to create a smooth and repeatable camera move to capture the complex action choreography. Our Canon 5D Mark III with the magic lantern firmware hack to record 14bit uncompressed RAW files coupled with out 50mm 1.2 prime lens performed remarkably under this challenging low light shot. Big thanks to our FXTD Program student Michael Afshin for making such a great Goblin as well as Compositing students Sukhi Khaira and Diego Rebello for being such kick butt Dwarves!