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Rodrigo Sapag Novoa

Compositor | Lost Boys Alumni 2019

Demo Reel

Credited on:

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I was never afraid or scared to learn Compositing because it is something that I really love to do. Lost Boys is the school where I felt I was getting closer to my dreams. And it is where I met people that had similar goals to mine. So everything was very special there.

- Rodrigo

What inspired you to pursue VFX/Compositing?

Watching a movie like Star Wars as a kid growing up really pushed me towards visual effects. In movies where you see things that are computer-generated like a spaceship looking so photo-real fascinated me. At some point I started to ask myself: “How can I use visual effects to create my own storyline?” And that’s what really inspired me to learn VFX so that I can fulfil my dreams of creating my own unique story.

What is something you wish people knew more about VFX/VFX Artists or Compositors/Compositing?

Not all artists have the same passion and not everyone lives with VFX in the same way. For some people it is just work and nothing more which is perfectly fine. You will come across people who are not driven to accomplish a certain dream which makes it a bit disappointing at times. However, you’ll always find someone that feels the same as you who are passionate about visual effects beyond the work itself. You may even work on small projects together if you have the time! I recommend to always stick with those people and that’s going to lead to a better way of life. 

For me, visual effects goes hand in hand with cinema and it's a way to tell a story in a more magical way, giving people a good time and experience that disconnects from reality.

What do you enjoy most about working in visual effects?

What keeps me motivated is to see my friends and family watching the movies and shows that I’ve worked on and seeing them enjoying it so much. That makes me want to keep learning and practicing to be able to actually do great work and give them even better experiences. The idea of sharing what I do with my family brings me a lot of joy.

If there is one piece of advice you can give to people who want to pursue a career in visual effects, what would it be?

Simply, to go for it. Try to leave fear on the side and keep in mind that you can always learn from someone. It’s going be an endless journey where you won’t stop learning new things and that’s what makes it so awesome. Enter with the mind of being a student who continues to master their craft rather than one that only wants to arrive at the destination. May the Force be with you!

Thank you, Rodrigo! Connect with him now!

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