Yash Polke – FXTD/Creature FX TD

Yash PolkeGrad. April 2014

Yash Polke
Grad. April 2014

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Previously studying mechanical engineering, Yash changed his pursuit to a more creative path and joined Lost Boys to follow his dream of working in the Visual Effects Industry. Yash began his career as an Effects Technical Director at Hydraulx.

Graduation Show Reel
  • I am a 2014 graduate from the first batch of the EFFECTS TECHNICAL (FX TD) DIRECTOR Program at Lost Boys Studios. Being the only international student lacking basic knowledge about CG I risked to apply for Lost Boys. But, it was worth the risk. The specialized programs at the school are very well structured and has provided for a strong base to build my career as an FX Artist.

    The staff at the school is very knowledgeable and very helpful. The most important thing is that you receive one on one attention which helps a lot in terms of understanding and getting the hang of concepts, which in many of the schools is hard to come by.

    The teachers are involved as much as the students in the projects, and tackle problems along with them, which leads to good development in thinking process and at the same time bridges the communication gap between the students and the teachers, which makes for a comfortable learning environment.

    Another great thing about the program is that it isn't confined to the four walls of the studio. Gathering references for projects outside in the real world is also a unique part of the program.

    Industry visits to various studios around the city gave us a great exposure to the professional working environment and also gave us an idea of the various exciting career opportunities after graduation.

    Being at Lost Boys was one of the best decision I made and one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. The knowledge I have gained is immense and also had the opportunity to meet some very talented students across the globe.