Wannita Sirikul – FX TD

Wannita SirikulGrad. April 2015

Wannita Sirikul
Grad. April 2015

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With her Bachelor's of Fine Art and Applied Art in animation production, Wannita began her career in the Visual Effects industry. After working in the industry at a local post-production company doing regional commercials, she felt the need to enhance her skills and joined Lost Boys to follow her dream to work as an FX TD. Upon graduating from Lost Boys, Wannita began her career as an Effects Technical Director at Digital Domain.

Graduation Show Reel
  • Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects, FX TD Program has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I met many great staff and classmates. There was a lot of techniques and knowledge that seemed impossible to understand at first, but with the help of Lost Boys, learning the FX TD Craft became a really enjoyable time and it continued to excite me every time that I got to learn more. I really feel like Lost Boys is one big awesome family that will help each other to pass through the obstacles and achieve their dreams.