Sudhanshu Srivastava – FX TD

Sudhanshu SrivastavaGrad. April 2015

Sudhanshu Srivastava
Grad. April 2015

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With a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation and working as a 3D & Motion Graphic Artist, Sudhanshu joined Lost Boys to follow his dream to work in the Visual Effects Industry. Upon graduation Sudhanshu began his career as an Effects Technical Director for Method Studios.

Graduation Show Reel
  • The journey with Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects was a great experience. Lost Boys boosted my confidence and gave me very useful practical approaches and experience of what I use to read before joining the FX program.

    The project based curriculum simulated real world production experience better preparing me for my transition to a working professional.

    The staff is highly experienced and supportive at any time in any type of difficulty. Every single minute in the premises counts, the studio was fruitful in many different ways whether it with friends or with the faculty. Special Thanks to Mark, Ria, Ganz and our mentor Andrew for helping us in every possible way they could.

    I am really happy and proud of my decision of joining Lost Boys. Some memories are worth to remember, for me Lost Boys is one of them.