Filippo Maccari – Senior FX TD/Character TD

Filippo MaccariGrad. Aug. 2014

Filippo Maccari
Grad. Aug. 2014

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With previous experience creating Effects for the commercial advertising industry in Italy, Filippo wanted to upgrade his skills and learn new techniques that would allow him to transition into feature film visual effects. Upon graduation Filippo began his career as an Effects Technical Director for MPC and within one year had already acquired 5 feature film credits.

Graduation Show Reel
  • Lost Boys was a clear choice for me when I had to choose a serious school for a vertical teaching about what an effects artist should really know in order to step directly into the feature film VFX industry.

    An exclusive teaching on Houdini with a famous Houdini guru such as Andrew Lowell, has to be considered pure gold in the most active city (Vancouver) of visual effects in the world.

    I've considered other schools in different areas of the world prior my final decision to register to Lost Boys in Vancouver. I found this school the perfect combination of quality of the teaching, length of the course, size of the classes and job placement assistance.

    The contained size of the school and the classes is big advantage. The human touch and the friendly environment that grows into the school helps a lot to get more into the mood of how the VFX industry is made. Vancouver is a not a huge city and the degree of separation of the VFX people are really small. It's important to know each other, sharing knowledge and consider ourself as part of a team a not just as a standalone artists.

    Giving up to my job in Italy and moving into the other side of the world to start fresh a school is something that can be trustfully considered to be crazy thing. Instead I found solid ground in this new adventure with classmates, teachers and passionate people that gave me the tools and the help I was looking for to make my step into the Vancouver VFX Film industry.