Career Preparation & Placement

We currently enjoy a 100% successful placement rate for our first three classes of FX TD’s, all of whom were hired by studios to perform FX roles. During the program each student will receive recruiting information, interview and networking tips and job placement assistance, and complete a personal demo reel, website and resumé. We maintain a growing directory of studios, industry forums, and placement resources in Canada, the USA and international locations.

Recent Alumni Credits

Our Growing List of Amazing Studios Employing Lost Boys

BUF AtomicFiction Soho Dreamworks Rodeo FuseFX TWR ILP Encore
WesternX Artifex Vitality MPC Zoic Hydraulx CINESITE Embassy CVD
COSA Psyop Sony ILM PrimeFocus Weta Logan Double Negative SideStreetPost
Stargate RH GoldTooth DD Method Scanline Framestore Image Engine Atmosphere