Amir Manavi – FX TD

Amir ManaviGrad. April 2015

Amir Manavi
Grad. April 2015

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After achieving a B.Sc degree in Interactive Arts and Technology, Amir worked in the VFX industry. With a desire to further his education, he joined Lost Boys to follow his dream to work as an FX TD on more challenging projects. Upon graduation, Amir began his career as an Effects Technical Director for Double Negative.

Graduation Show Reel
  • Lost Boys school has helped me transition from stylistic animation/cartoon work to high end photo real feature film FX. I wasn't too sure about going back to school, specially as I was already working in the industry as an FX artist. But I'm really happy I've made that decision. Being able to learn from the industry's best (Andrew and Mark) was definitely an experience worth remembering.